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Affordable travel and dating apps have abolished the old barriers when it comes to meeting and going out with new people.

Until just a couple of decades ago, people saw dating as an activity that was mostly done in their hometown and with people they met in specific social situations.

The idea of buying a cheap flight ticket to a city in another country and using an app Tinder or Badoo to date somebody in that city wouldn’t even cross people’s minds. Yet this has become extremely common nowadays, after the advent of low-cost flights and dating apps have revolutionized what it means to travel and to date people.

For many people, this form of dating is seen as more interesting, exciting, and memorable than traditional dating because it adds a sense of adventure and mystery to the whole experience. Yet with new habits also come new safety issues. As this form of dating becomes more widespread, many have begun to ask themselves new questions. Is it dangerous to date people in another country? What if I have a problem and I don’t know anybody in that city? What if I need to contact the authorities and I can’t speak the language?

To ease your mind and help you have the best possible travel + dating combo, we have collected all the best tips for safety if you plan to date people in other towns or countries without worries.

Do Some Research Before Travelling

Any place has its own unique features that are obvious to locals but not very often to visitors. This also applies to safety and behaviors.

If you are traveling to a city in which you have never been to before, do some research on what districts are the safest ones to stay and hang out, what the emergency numbers (police, ambulance, etc.) in those countries are, and what are the parts of town that are better avoided.

You should also learn some phrases in the local language that can be helpful in difficult situations. Phrases like “Can you call the police?” or “I am hurt. I need an ambulance”.

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These may seem like minor details, but they can make a lot of difference in difficult situations. It’s also helpful to do some research on the local dating customs. In some countries, getting very intimate after the first date is considered completely normal while in others it may be seen as inappropriate.

Try to get an idea of how locals usually date. How they meet each other, where they go, and what type of conversations they usually have on their first date. Do it two or three days before your trip and make sure you rehearse it a couple of times before jumping on the plane.

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Pick the Right Environment to Meet Potential Dates

You should ask yourself: what type of date I want to go out on?

Are you looking for some casual hook-up? Or are you interested in meeting a person you can spending time with doing various activities during your trip?

Are you looking for a person you’d like to meet exclusively on your own or for somebody you may want to hang out with in a more social group environment as well?

Depending on the answer to these questions, you may want to use different tools or scenarios to meet your next date. People interested in a very casual and quick hook-up usually meet each other on dating apps like Tinder or in nightclubs and bars. There’s some sort of silent understanding when meeting people in these environments: it’s ok to do it just for fun.

If you are looking for a person you can share a good share of your holiday with, like visiting hallmarks, going to festivals, or meeting up for excursions, then websites like Travel Buddies are probably the best place to start your search.

Some travelers prefer to meet more people at the same time in a group situation. Websites like allow members to join group events and connect with both locals and other travelers.

Make Sure Your Online Dating Profile Reflects What You Are Looking For

When you’re spending a short amount of time in a place it’s wise to specify clearly what you are looking for in a dating partner.

Whether you just want to have some fun, you want to meet somebody to explore a city with or you are open to a long-distance relationship, it’s wise to make it clear in the profile of your dating app or website. This reduces the chances of misunderstandings and increases those that your date will reflect the type of experience you are looking for.

This may contrast a bit with dating in the place where you live, where you have more timeto define the relationship as it matures.

Meet Your Date in A Place with Many People

When meeting somebody for the first time in another city or country, we may feel a bit insecure at first, safety-wise.

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Meeting that person in a crowded place before getting more private is a good idea if you want to assess what type of person your date is and whether you feel comfortable with her or him. Such places include bars, restaurants, street food places, open-air locations, malls, and shopping areas.

Having a lot of people around you when you first meet with a new person will allow you to take your time before moving on to places where the two of you can be alone with each other.

For example, you may meet your date at a chalet, have a drink at a table in an area with many people around you, then go for a walk on a nearby historic street and, only after spending enough hours together, move to a quieter location like a park or your place.

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Don’t Stay on a Date if Things Don’t Feel Right

A date must never feel forced. Sometimes we may meet a person that doesn’t give us the right vibes.
There may be a very strong difference in personalities or in what we are looking for in each other.

Some people can also make us feel uncomfortable, which would turn the date into a very unpleasant experience. They may not respect your feelings or the boundaries that you have set. They may be disrespectful or rude.

It’s important that you allow yourself to quit dating at any time if something feels wrong and especially if you think your safety may be at risk.

Don’t see yourself as impolite if you tell your date that you think the date is not working out and it’s better for you guys to just go home.

Make Sure You Check Out the Reviews for the Venues You’re Visiting

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to know in advance what most visitors think of a restaurant, bar, or other meeting places before going there.

Whether because of rude staff because of the wrong type of clientele or because of low hygiene standards, some venues may cause more trouble than enjoyment. The last thing you want when on holiday is to have your whole evening ruined because you picked the wrong place to hang out at.

Most venues have reviews on Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook, and Yelp nowadays. It’s clever to pick a place that had mostly positive reviews from its clients and where no strange events seem to have occurred.

This will not only help you stay safe but also make your evening out and your date much more enjoyable.

Make Sure You Have the Right Type of Medical Insurance

Every country has different insurance policies and different measures depending on the country of each visitor.

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Certain countries have agreements with other that allow visiting citizens of one nation to use the public health system of the visited nation without any charge for a certain number of weeks. This is the case of EU citizens travelling to another EU country.

Other countries have a privatized healthcare system, meaning that any person traveling there needs to be covered by a private insurer to have access to healthcare services.

It’s important to research these matters various days (or possibly weeks) in advance to make sure that you have basic health care coverage and can be admitted to a hospital in case of an emergency. Many insurance companies offer very affordable short-term packages for tourists, which allow you to travel without worries and enjoy your holiday.

Takes Emergency Items with You When Travelling

It’s always a good idea to have certain items with you when traveling around the world. These are usually small things that can make a lot of difference in problematic situations.

When packing your bag, make sure you have:
• Medical patches
• Disinfectant
• Aspirin
• General antibiotic
• Thermometer
• Any medicine that has been prescribed to you specifically by a doctor

Now that we live in a post-Covid world, you also shouldn’t forget:

  • CDC mask
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Proof of test/vaccination (required in certain countries or venues)

These are usually all small items that can fit in a little first aid kid. It’s true that most cities have many pharmacies, but they are not always open, and it may take sometimes to find them if you’re new in town.

That’s why it’s always wise to have small, portable pharmacy with you all the time.

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Make Sure You Know Enough About the Driving Habits of The Place You’re Visiting

People drive differently in different countries. The formal rules may be similar to your own country but the habits and what’s tolerated may change a lot.

Making sure that you have an idea of how people drive before traveling is particularly important if you plan to rent a car and drive around.

For example, the loose way people drive in certain Mediterranean countries come often as a shock to visitors from Northern Europe. Having an idea of the main driving habits in a country is useful also for simple pedestrians who must constantly cross the road.

Study the Public Transportation System Before Traveling to a New Place

Most tourists use the public metro or buses when visiting new cities.

It’s wise to study the town’s public transportation map before getting there. Try to get an idea of where your hotel or B&B is located compared to the closest metro or bus station and how to get to the most important districts and tourist attractions.

It’s also important to check out at what time of the evening the metro stops working and whether there are substitute public transportation means in those hours.

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Get an idea of which are the dodgiest parts of town and which metro, or bus stops are better avoided. The last thing you want when traveling is to find yourself in some sketchy district because you were to lazy to spend 5 minutes studying the public transportation map.

Avoid Unproductive Arguments

When traveling we always look for positive and delightful interactions with other people but,sometimes, we may get into an argument with a person we don’t know.

This may be happen for countless different reasons. Your hotel room neighbors may be too loud, some bodyguard at the club may not let you in because the club is full or because you’re not on some guest list, some drunk person may start provoking you on the street.

While it’s hard to stay calm and avoid arguing with people, most of the time it’s the best thing somebody can do. The truth is that certain arguments are just unproductive and there’s nothing to gain from such situations.

Sometimes you may feel like it’s a matter of pride to talk back to somebody who was disrespectful or rude. Yet walking away is much wiser and a couple of hours later you’ll be thankful you did it.

Take the Usual Precautions

We left this for the end but it’s good to remember that when you are on a date in a different city or country, you should also take the usual precautions you take when dating in your hometown.

This means avoiding harmful substances, practicing safe sex, and not engaging in behaviors that can harm you physically or legally.

Use common sense, get an overview of the place you are visiting, including its habits and social rules, and enjoy your time there. It’s really as simple as that!

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