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Payment Options

All payments on MyTravelGirls are conducted with Stripe – one of the largest and most secure payment providers in the world, offering SSL 256-bit encryption on all payments processed through our website. This approach allows us to provide more payment methods to our users and secure the process even further with the help of a third party.

Payment methods

Stripe allows you to pay with your favorite payment methods anywhere you want. Right now, we offer 5 payment methods:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

We’re also working tirelessly to make the payment process even more convenient, and soon, we’ll add more payment options for you to choose from.

How to stay secure

On dating websites, the biggest danger often lies in the person you’re speaking with. While we believe that the internet can be the right place to find a wife, the location difference creates many opportunities for scammers who want to take advantage of your feelings and get access to your financial information. Below you’ll find some of the most popular tactics used by scammers with tips on how to protect yourself.

Avoid direct payments

If a user asks you for a direct payment or any payment details in the chat, please report them promptly as you might be dealing with a scammer. All payments on our website should be made directly through our platform, and by bypassing the security measures, you have no guarantee that the person on the other side will deliver on their side of the promise, which they won’t do in most cases.

Don’t fall victim of scammers

Vorsicht vor Betrügern

Over the years, scammers have devised many elaborate strategies to take your money. Some of the most popular scam attempts include the scammers claiming that they need a large sum of money to be wired to them for some reason, whether that be a ransom for kidnap

pers, a fee to cash out a large sum that they claim they’ll then split with the victim, etc.

Whatever the case is, we urge you not to make any payments outside of the platform. If you’re genuinely afraid that your date might be in danger, please report the case to us or inform the appropriate authorities instead of trying to solve it on your own. This way, you’ll also help other users avoid being scammed by this person.

Beware of catfishing

If the person you’re interested in has great pictures on the profile but a very vague or no description at all, you should be wary that you might be dealing with a potential catfish attempt. Please try to verify the person’s identity before moving any further, whether that’s by asking for clarifying information, more pictures, or a video call so you can be 100% sure that you’re dealing with an honest date.

Love at first sight

While we do believe that you can find love online, there’s no denying that it takes time to determine whether the person on the other side is the right match for you and if you receive messages saying that she’s in love after you’ve just met each other, we advise you to be extra cautious. Love is not a race, so feel free to take your time and avoid making rash decisions while pressured by your date.

Visa scams

While this strategy is the most popular in the United States, citizens of other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, should also be wary of people looking to obtain a visa through them. When a person starts asking for money for a plane ticket or visa, they might be interested in getting to your country more than being with you. We’d recommend you first visit them in their country, if possible, to ensure they’re after you and not your passport.

Russian scammers

While our website is focused on dating in Ukraine, there are many scammers in Russia who take advantage of this opportunity, given the similarities in the language and culture of both countries. Even though there’s no way to directly verify whether the person you’re speaking to is, in fact, Ukrainian or Russian, you should be aware of the existence of this scam and proceed with caution while meeting your next date.

Data security & privacy

The security and privacy of our users is our top priority, and we always do our best to take the appropriate measures to ensure your security and privacy. Our page features SSL 256-bit encryption for all the information you include on the website, such as payment or login, and extra privacy features to ensure your data, such as name, location, and pictures, stays secure from outsiders who might want to use it against you.

The most common types of “African scams” on dating services

  • Nigerian/ghana “i’m in danger” scam

You can communicate with a person for a long time, and then it turns out that he\she urgently needs a large sum of money, upon which his\her life or the health of a child depends. Scammers may also tell you that they or their family members have been kidnapped.

Scammers may also ask you for money for a fundraiser they are supposedly running in Nigeria or Ghana. Be careful: Your money will most likely end up in the pockets of unscrupulous people.

  • Nigerian scam 419

In this case scammers offer you to earn money by providing your bank account as a transit point for transferring a certain amount of money. All you have to do is to pay a commission on the money transfer. The scheme is so well developed that you will be out of your money before you know it.

  • Cashing out money orders

Some scammers pretend to be American or European citizens working in African countries. According to their legend, they have trouble cashing their salaries. So they ask their victims to cash their remittances and transfer the money to Nigeria. If the victim agrees, they receive remittances that were purchased for a small fee, such as $25, but are framed as hundreds or thousands of dollars. The victim cashes the money order and sends the money in an irreversible way, for example through Western Union, according to the scammer’s instructions. A few days or weeks later, the victim learns that the remittances were fraudulent, but it is the victim who must pay the full amount of the debt.