Travelling is one of those activities almost every one of us enjoys doing.

The excitement and pleasure of exploring places that we have never seen before in our life, being exposed to different cultures, and meeting people with varied backgrounds are the reasons why tourism is one of the largest industries in the world.

And almost all of us pursue dating. Looking for a partner with whom to share unique and intimate moments, if not life-long companionship, is one of our main drives as humans.

But what if these two things no longer needed to be separate from each other?

What if there was a website where you can find a travel mate who is also going to be your next date?

This website is not a fantasy but a reality. It’s called MyTravelGirls and it connects people from around the world, by allowing them to interact with each other virtually before planning a “dating trip” together.

Let’s explore more about this platform and how you can use it to find “love on vacation”.

Start By Creating an Interesting and Authentic Profile

MyTravelGirls allows you to create an account entirely for free.

The best and most successful profiles are those that display your genuine passions, your best personality traits, and the things you appreciate the most in a dating partner.

Don’t forget to mention what type of trips you are interested in going on.

Do you prefer visiting traditional cities or are you more of an exotic type? Do you look mostly for relaxation during your holiday or are you more into vacations that involve many recreational activities and excursions?

Providing this information can help you better attract the type of person you can share great leisure time with.

Browse The Website for Interesting Potential Partners

MyTravelGirls gives you the chance to choose from a wide pool of available potential partners.
Members come from all over the world, including Eastern Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia use this platform to search for the right companion.

You can narrow down your search by selecting the specific traits you look for in a dating partner.

Each member’s profile contains numerous hints that you can use to get a better idea of each person’s relationship goals and the type of activities that they enjoy doing when they’re on holiday.

This allows you to select not only the right dating partner but also the perfect travel companion to go on an amazing trip with.

MyTravelGirls has developed an advanced algorithm that helps you find the most suitable matches faster, without having to visit countless profile pages.

Smart, easy to use, and effective. Exactly what a dating and companionship-seeking platform should be.
Send Your Like to Interesting Members.

The best way to make your search faster and more effective is to send your likes to various profiles of people you’re interested in.

While not every single one of them may reply, initiating an interaction with different people highly increases the chance that you will find a person that reciprocates your interest.

Moreover, showing your interest to various potential partners gives you the chance to interact virtually with many of those who will reply.

Getting to know these people through chatenables you to narrow down the number of candidates even more.

Learn More About Other Members by Messaging

Mytravelgirls has a very user-friendly and fast messaging tool that allows you to exchange conversations with your matches.

This is the first step of getting to know your dating and trip companion better and testing your compatibility.

You will also obtain precious information on what travel destinations your potential partner is more interested in seeing and what type of holiday she or he is more interested in going on.

Discussing possible destinations with potential partners is also a way to brainstorm and come up from interesting vacation ideas that you had not considered yet.

You may initially be thinking of visiting Florida while your partner has South America in mind. While discussing with each other you could end up splitting the difference and choosing to book a trip to the Caribbean.

Planning a travel destination is not always a logical and analytical process. Your past experiences, your interests, and the things you and your potential partner share the most will end up shaping the final decision.

Use the Dating Travel Planner to Organize Your Vacation

MyTravelGirls also offers a very useful tool known as Dating Travel Planner.

When meeting somebody with whom you share a common desired tourist destination, as well as tastes, preferences, and passions, you can use this tool to plan the trip instantly and smoothly, without having to manage this task outside of the platform.

Imagine a website on which you can find a dating partner, chat with him or her and plan your next holiday. All in one. This is exactly what MyTravelGirls offers.

The travel dating planner is very easy to learn and intuitive to use. The entire platform is indeed designed to make all the steps (from meeting to conversing to scheduling a vacation) feel like part of one smooth and continuous progress.

What Are the Most Important Things When Planning a Holiday Together?

Planning vacations in pair is not always the same as planning solo trips.

In this case, you musttake into account what the other person wants and expects from the holiday.

Choosing a destination that you are both eager and curious to visit is obviously the most important thing.

Sometimes a compromise must be reached. If your travel companion is not keen on going to a seaside location and you are looking for some swimming time, then selecting a location with lakeside areas or resorts with pools could be a fair solution.

It’s also important to consider each person’s interests and prepare a travel plan that takes them both into account.

You may have a very positive interaction online with your potential travel mate but find out during the trips that you enjoy completely different types of activities.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to discuss this topic before the trip.

Ask your potential partner what type of recreational activities she or he likes. If you hate tennis and she is a tennis enthusiast, it is better to know this before the trip begins.

By following this process, you will generate “a list” of activities that you both enjoy.

These activities will be very important during the trip because they will reinforce your bond and become the object of many positive shared memories.


Social Holiday or Reserved Vacation?

When going on a trip with a potential romantic partner, one important question is how much time the two of you want to dedicate to events and interactions with other people.

Do you want to spend most of the time with each other, whether at the beach or at a fancy restaurant or do you want to participate in many parties, events, and other group activities where you can interact with other people and make new friends?

Usually, the best holidays combine these two elements. While you want to make sure you spend enough time alone with your travel companion/dating partner, it’s useful to take a break here and there and interact with others.

This refers both to interactions with the locals and activities or excursions with other tourists.

How Important Is Social Media During Your Vacation?

Some people like sharing every moment of their holiday with their social media audiences.

Whether it’s posting pictures of beautiful locations, or photos of culinary specialties and videos of exciting adventures.

Other tourists prefer to avoid using social media when they’re on holiday. They see their vacation as a complete break from everything else.

It’s wise to discuss this aspect of the trip in advance with your partner.

If social media has a different importance in the life of the two travelers, this could be a reason for arguments or annoyances during the vacation.

For example, you can decide in advance which events are sharable and which are entirely private and should just remain between the two-holiday makers and dating partners.

Is the Age Gap Important When Travelling in Pair?

Not always do you end up dating and traveling with people within the same age group.

Some people ask themselves whether it’s ok to travel with somebody who is 10 years younger or older than them.

The good news is that relationships between people of different ages are becoming more and more common.

It’s not unusual to see a couple in whichthe man is in his late 30s and the woman is in hermid-20s. The opposite is also becoming true. Older women no longer feel like younger men are always off-limits.

The choice of your travel companion and dating partner should not be based on age but on whether there is enough attraction on both sides, as well as compatible personalities, mutual respect, and shared interests and preferences.

This is really all you need to make your romantic holiday a big success.

How to Combine Dating with Other Travel Activities?

When traveling with a potential romantic partner with whom you are not in a full relationship yet, many people ask themselves how to balance leisure tourism activities with moments of romance.
The best way to do so is to see your holiday as a “sequence of dates” with regular relaxing or entertaining moments in between.

Let’s say you’re traveling to Parisfor a couple of days. Having breakfast at some picturesque riverside bar may be your first dating moment. Then you’re off to explore museums like a regular happy tourist, as well as have a quick lunch. After that, a relaxing couple of hours at the park would be the second date of the day. You can then attend a meetup or social event with other people before having a romantic dinner as a third date.

This is the reason why dating travel allows you to move faster through the different steps of the dating process.

While in regular dating, there are usually days between a date and the next, in travel dating you can use more mundane and entertaining activities as a shorter break between each romantic (or pre-romantic) moment.

When the trip is over, it will be as if you two have been dating for several weeks!

What Are the Other Advantages of Travel Dating?


Travel dating is a great foundation stone for a future relationship.

It creates a powerful and solid first experience on which to build your love story.

Having great shared memories is something that strengthens the bonds between two people and creates a common history that they can back at together.

Travel dating also gives you more chances to create the right connection between you and the other person.

In regular dating, the first date isn’t always successful, and this ends up precluding the chance that those two people will meet again in the future.

In contrast, if things don’t go particularly well during breakfast on your first day on holiday, there is always the chance to make up for that later when walking in the park or having a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Finally, a trip is always enjoyable in and of itself, so even if the dating aspect doesn’t go as planned, you will still have added a great experience to your life.

Join MyTravel Girls and Find Your Travel Companion Today

Now that you have a clearer idea of the benefits of travel dating when looking for a romantic partner, it’s time to set up your free MyTravelGirls account and get in touch with hundreds of thousands of members around the world who are also looking for somebody they can share an unforgettable vacation with.

This platform offers the best premium experience in the travel dating field as it combines all the best traits of a common dating website and incorporated tools to plan your trip and make the most out of your travel experience.

You won’t have to surf the web for hours and move back and forth from a dating app to a travel website or a text editor to write down the notes for your holiday.

Everything is included within MyTravelGirls, which will save you time and make the entire process way less stressful and more enjoyable.

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