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Dating Safety

So, you’re tired of waiting for that “meet-cute” moment where you drop your bagel in the coffee shop, and a chiseled, sun-kissed, hotty bends down to get it for you before looking up with glistening globes and locking eyes with you? Now, you’re ready to embrace the vast online dating world and meet people you’d never stumble upon on the streets, but might just be able to find true love with?M

 MyTravelGirls is the perfect platform for you. We provide a safe, comfortable, mature atmosphere for you to meet that special someone and build a flourishing relationship without all the grimy parts of getting to know someone in person. However, online dating isn’t always rainbows, cupcakes, and all-out romance. Unless you take a few necessary steps on your own, you may bump into malicious scammers or dangerous predators. While we’re dedicated to providing you with the safest online dating experience possible, the following sections will cover some tips and tricks that can keep you from making mistakes we simply can’t prevent without your help.

Let’s get started.


Basic Profile Tips

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Before you ever start communicating with other members, you have the chance to protect yourself. We’re talking about your profile setup. When setting up your profile, keep the following things in mind:

  • Personal information: It’s important to list your interests, hobbies, and deal-breakers in your bio, but you should never divulge personal information on any part of your profile. Your address, major landmarks that can show your location, your full name, exact birthday, and other bits of information that can be pieced together should be kept to yourself.
  • Photos: Your photos should be an accurate reflection of who you are, but they shouldn’t contain contact information, background pieces that give away your location, or other things that can be used by malicious individuals.
  • People you may know: You can spot someone you know in real life. Since these people know you in person, it can be difficult to handle the situation if something goes wrong. It’s recommended not to reach out to them unless they’re someone you trust, and if you don’t trust them, immediately block their account.


The ultimate goal of a real relationship is to spend your life with someone. Whether that means getting married, moving in with each other, or visiting another country. That’s not possible in a purely virtual environment. At  MyTravelGirls, we understand that, and we don’t prohibit in-person meet-ups. However, any in-person meet-up must be done at your own risk, and there are some steps you need to take to ensure your safety when the big day comes.

Develop Meaningful Trust

We don’t recommend meeting every match you get. Instead, meeting someone in person should only be done with people you have a meaningful level of trust with, and there should be a real connection before any talk of meeting up. If you’re on the fence or see numerous red flags, it’s best to end the relationship or postpone meeting in person.

Take a Test Run

Don’t meet someone you’ve only texted online for a few months or even a year. Instead, take a test run with video chat. Video chat allows you to see the other person without any chance for photo manipulation or dishonesty, read their body language, and tell if you’re comfortable speaking to them face-to-face.

Go to a Safe Area

Regardless of how long you’ve chatted with someone online, you’ve never been with them in person. Some malicious people use this to lure you into a vulnerable place before showing their true colors. This can be extremely dangerous. Instead, have your first few dates in a safe environment. A reasonably packed restaurant with good lighting and attentive staff is a great choice, but other public, well-lit, areas with plenty of people to help in the worst-case scenario will work, too.

Whatever you do, don’t take “Bob” to your home or another private area for your first few dates. There’s no one to help if something goes wrong, and you’ll have given away your address even if you do manage to get out of the situation safely.

Your Comfort is Important

Never forget that meeting one of your matches in person is a completely individual choice. You should not feel pressured, and if you’re not comfortable, don’t do it.

Financial Dating Safety

As the staff behind a dating site, we’d love to say that every person you meet has your best interests at heart, but that’s simply not true. Despite strict service agreements and community guidelines, some bad apples will still find ways to prey on legitimate members. Usually, this comes in the form of financial crimes and scams.

Here are some tips to keep you and your wallet safe while you find your next true love.

Sending Money

One common scam includes a member, who may or may not be accurately depicting themselves, asking you for money. Dating sites are meant to help you find someone you connect with and have real emotions for. So, your emotions can be manipulated into helping these scammers. To prevent this, never send money to anyone you find on the platform. They may be persuasive, but someone looking for real romance is unlikely to ask you for financial help when you haven’t even met.

Financial Information

The other common scam includes the promise of financial compensation. This usually requires you to transfer funds, share financial information such as passwords, debit card numbers, or bank account information. Except, when you give them the information, they simply steal whatever you have available.

Never release your financial information to anyone you find on the platform.


Sexual Health and Safety

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We’re all adults here. If our service works for you, you’ll likely find yourself in a sexual situation at some point.

To help protect the health of our members, here are some general guidelines to keep you healthy, happy, and romantically involved for years to come.

  • Use protection: Even if this isn’t your first meet-up, you don’t know everything about your partner. Use proper sexual protection to prevent STDs or pregnancy.
  • Know your partner’s health: Your partner may have been exposed to an STD or other illness before your meet-up. It’s important to ensure they’ve been tested and cleared before becoming exposed yourself.
  • Know your health: It’s unfair to demand your partner’s sexual health information without knowing yours. Some diseases don’t show symptoms. Get tested before you engage with other site members to promote a healthy, safe dating environment.
  • Ensure consent: It is never okay to force or persuade a sexual encounter. If the mood strikes, make sure the other person consents to any further action.

Love is in the air, and with  MyTravelGirls and these helpful tips, you can keep it fun, flirty, and most important of all – safe.