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There are a couple of things that help people live more fulfilling lives, and love always ranks on top of this list. If you’d like to contribute to someone else’s happiness and help them to find the love of their life while also doing what you’re the best at, MyTravelGirls is the right place for you to grow both professionally and personally.

Jobs im Bereich Marketing und Contentproduktion.

Why work with us


We believe that it’s the people who make a workplace truly unique, and we apply this principle in our teams. Every person building MyTravelGirls shares the same values and willingness to help others, and that’s exactly what makes it so much fun to work, learn, and grow together as we all work toward a common goal – to change the lives of people around the world.


Our goal is for our employees to become something more than just coworkers. We encourage tightly-knit relationships between individual members of the team and have them engage in leisure activities even after work, either in a remote setting or locally, so we can get to know each other better and make every moment together a minute well-spent.


Your nationality doesn’t matter to us – we always embrace diversity and welcome people from all around the world to join our family. Whether you’re from a remote village in Asia or a big urban area such as New York, we’re always looking for talented people ready to work on the common cause – no matter where they’re located.


If you’re looking to work with top talents in your field, you’re in the right place. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re carrying the work of your entire team on your shoulders, so we always make sure that everybody in the team shows excellent skills and will keep pushing the whole company forward without making anybody feel like they’re doing more than their fair share.


Work anywhere you want and any time you want! Besides occasional meetings, you’re encouraged to work flexible hours as long as you’re getting the job done. This also includes working from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and the right equipment to perform at the highest possible level.

Jobs für junge und talentierte Menschen

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Are you looking to join a passionate team in a fast-paced industry? You’re in the right place. At MyTravelGirls, you’ll flourish professionally, grow your skills, and contribute toward a meaningful goal – all of that with people who want it as much as you do.


Our website was built with the utmost care by a team of great engineers, but we’re constantly looking to expand it with new features and maintain it to make sure everything is running smoothly every day. If you have the right skills to help us with this task, the IT department will provide you with the challenges that will help you thrive.


Like every business, we need to acquire users in some way, and that’s when the marketing department comes into the picture. Whether it’s creating email or social media campaigns, working with partners, or attracting new visitors in other ways, it’s your chance to spread the word about MyTravelGirls and make it accessible to even more people, helping them find the love of their life.


Unleash your inner artist and join our creative team as a designer, content creator, or in another role to support the work of other departments. It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t feel like a job at all and is just the right combination of everyday challenges and your interests to give you the ability to express yourself while moving toward a goal you believe in.

Customer service

At MyTravelGirls, we deal with our users daily, and the way this interaction goes often determines whether they’ll continue using the service. If you enjoy talking with other people and want to address their questions and doubts in a way that’s filled with empathy, we’re looking for somebody just like you.


Haven’t found a job suiting your needs? Don’t worry! Browse the jobs that couldn’t be put in a box and discover great opportunities that are right up your alley.

Who are we

MyTravelGirls is an adult dating site dedicated to building love stories that will last a lifetime. We help people tear down the barriers and obstacles keeping them from finding their true love by providing a powerful online database and platform designed exclusively for people seeking long-term relationships that can lead to love, marriage, and possibly a family.

Over time, we’ve gained the status of the leading dating site for singles who are seeking long-term, meaningful, and loving relationships with different women and men. We’re not looking to expand even further and continue bringing top-notch services for our users.