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MyTravelGirls is a website aimed at people looking to find love and create their own love plotline. If you know somebody who’s interested in our service or have access to a community of people who believe that true love can still exist in 2022, we’ve developed an affiliate program where you can earn commission from everybody you bring our way with extra rewards if they perform certain actions, such as upgrading their account.

our affiliate.


Timely payouts

Our affiliates get paid regularly every month for all the hard work they’ve put into helping us grow our website.


No commission limits

It doesn’t matter how many people you bring – whether it’s one or one thousand, we don’t put any limits on the commissions we pay out.


Extra incentives

Earn money not only when somebody signs up for MyTravelGirls but also when they’re actively using the service and become loyal members.

How it works


Sign up

Create an account and join our affiliate program to generate your custom affiliate link that you can then use to direct traffic to our website and earn affiliate points as well as monitor your performance, including the number of clicks, sign-ups, and more.



Promote MyTravelGirls through different channels, such as social media or blogs, telling people what our service is all about and how they can benefit from signing up.



For every person that joins MyTravelGirls through your affiliate link, you’ll get 30% of the price of their subscription with extra incentives when they perform specific actions, such as upgrading their membership to Gold or Platinum.


Get paid

We pay our affiliates regularly every month to ensure a steady cash flow into your bank account and cultivate the partnership that will keep on bringing great opportunities for both parties involved.


Frequently Asked Auestions

MyTravelGirls is a service aimed at men looking to marry Eastern European women. We believe in the power of the internet in creating possibilities for long-distance relationships and want to leverage this technology to allow people to find the love of their lives without having to leave their homes.

Our affiliate program is open to people from around the world, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. If you feel like you can contribute to the cause, we invite you to join us regardless of your location.

The MyTravelGirls website is currently available in English, but our services are open to everybody, no matter where they live. We’re also actively working on having our website translated into other languages so more people can use it effortlessly.

A conversion refers to every time a person performs a given action on our website. In the case of our affiliate program, it’s anything that involves a purchase, whether it’s joining MyTravelGirls, upgrading the membership, or anything that involves a transfer of funds.

We pay our commissions on the 1st day of each month. We’re also working on expanding the number of available payment methods so you can become an affiliate and get paid the way you want.

There’s no limit as to the total amount of money you can make through our affiliate program. As long as you’re bringing in high-quality users who end up signing up and using our service, we’ll keep paying you 30% on each purchase they make through MyTravelGirls.

Yes. We don’t accept any form of deception with the goal to get users to sign up without them being aware of the terms of the service, what the service is, etc. With that said, practices such as cookie stuffing, URL hijacking, or anything that might harm our brand are strictly forbidden, and breaking this rule might result in your account getting restricted.

Yes. Joining and being a part of our affiliate program is 100% free. While some users will cover promotion costs, such as buying ads to promote their affiliate links and maximize conversions, it’s not necessary for you to spend any money to spread the word about MyTravelGirls and start generating money through the affiliate program.

If you can’t find an answer to your question above, feel free to contact us directly at affilia[email protected], where we’ll assist you with any matter regarding our affiliate program.



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