Online dating has become the new normal in our day and age.

Every day, countless people browse profiles of potential dating partners to find the right match in the hope of setting up a date that will change their lives.

Yet most of these dates happen at common locations in your hometown or region, such as restaurants, bars, lounges, or open-air spots. This limits both the number of people you can connect to and the number of areas you can meet at.

But what if your dating ground was the whole world? What if the same concept of date was redefined and include a 3-day or even a one-week trip to other cities, countries or continents?

The innovative website MyTravelGirls allows people who are looking for serious relationships to connect with potential partners from the rest of the world and plan memorable travel dates that will stay for you forever and can be the founding stone of your future relationship.

Here is a useful list of travel dating advantages!

1. The World is Your City

The obvious advantage of travel dating is that you’re not limited to dating people in a range of a few miles like it happens with traditional dating apps.

Travel dating allows you to interact with a much higher number and variety of interesting people from around the planet.

Your dream partner may not be living in your city district but in Easter Europe or in the UK.

Sites like MyTravelGirls will bring you close to them. You can get to know each other online and then plan a long date in a holiday destination that you are both eager to see.

2. So Many Dating Locations to Choose From

When you’re dating on a traditional dating app, you can only choose a few locations to go out on a date.
Usually, these locations are local restaurants, bars, and outdoor public areas.

But what if your first date could be on a sunny Thailand beach, a historic town in France, or a ski resort in Colorado?

The pool of dating locations you can choose from when travel dating is limitless, and you can select multiple locations during the same trip.

You can also select your destination based on the common tastes, likings, and desires of both your partner and you.

If neither of you has ever been to the Mediterranean and both of you want to practice your Spanish, you can opt for a trip to Barcelona. If you share a passion for Asian culture and food, you can go for a one-week tour of Japan or South Korea.

3. Bond on Common Traits and Preferences

Being able to select a dating destination that you are both eager to see is not the only thing that can help you and your dating partner bond better.

During a holiday, the number of activities you can choose and do together is obviously much more diverse than during a 3-hour date in your city.

This could be visiting a museum, going on a countryside excursion, playing tennis or trying different sorts of local food.

Doing things that you are both very passionate about creates a deeper connection, allows you to know each other better, and is the right first step for a new relationship.

4. You Get to See Your Dating Partners for Who They Really Are


When going out on a regular 3-hour date, some people may put on a mask because they think this will attract the other person more.

They may hide certain traits of their personalities or behave in ways that are not always natural.

When you go on a longer trip with somebody, you’ll get to experience their “true colors”.

It’s difficult to put on a front for 3 or 4 days, meaning that you can get to know the real person you’re dating and not an artificial projection of them.

You can get to see how this person behaves in different types of situations you’re exposed to during the holiday and this can help you better understand whether she or he is the right partner for you.

This also means that the experience will be less tense and that you can both relax and enjoy the time you spend together.

5. There are More Opportunities for Escalation

When two people start dating traditionally, it usually takes several dates for the various steps of dating to unfold

You may just chat with your dating partner on the first date, exchange the first kiss on the second date and it may take several dates before the two of you get intimate and consider seeing each other regularly.
When you are travel dating, all these steps happen usually during the same vacation.

Spending a holiday with the same person will allow you to go through the initial stages of dating within just 3 or 4 days.

On the first day of vacation, you will have the first chat in person with each other and by the end of the holiday, you may already be a couple and ready to start a new life together.

6. Build Your Relationship on Amazing First Memories Together

If you go back to the best experiences you had with a former partner, you will realize that many of them probably related to vacations that you spent together.

Memories of trips together are among the most beautiful and precious ones can have.

Building a new relationship on a collection of holiday moments together allows it to start on very solid ground.

There are always difficult moments during a relationship and having a collection of great shared experiences often helps to go through the adversities and find each other again.

It’s like building a house on very solid foundations that don’t shake at the first wind or small earthquakes.

7. Widen Your Perspectives

Dating people from different countries (or even regions of the same country) can really help us see a lot of things with different eyes.

Both the way we see the world and the way we see relationships are shaped by the environment we grow up in.

Yet around the world, different cultures see love in slightly (or less slightly) different ways, and often different doesn’t necessarily equal worse.

Travel dating can change your life in many ways and allow you to discover ways of life and perspectives that can improve it and make it more enjoyable and pleasant.

8. Check Your Compatibility in Routine Situationsimage

When traveling together, there are plenty of occasions to see if you and your dating partner also get along in more mundane and everyday situations.

These can be trip organizational tasks, shopping tasks, renting a car, and so on.

Sometimes people can be very cooperative in these scenarios, while other times their different personality leads to conflicts and misunderstanding.

Being able to experience your dating partner in these routine situations can give you a lot of hints about how life together would be and whether you want to continue to see each other.

9. Make Friends with Interesting People from Other Countries

When travel dating, there are also plenty of opportunities to meet people from your holiday destinations and start new friendships that will stay with you in the future.

Your travel date experience will therefore provide social benefits and not just romantic ones!

Who knows, you may even have a free place to crash next time your visit the same country or city!

10. Attend Social Events with Your Dating Partner

Travel dating also gives you a lot of opportunities to hang out with other people while you are out with your date.

Socializing with others is an important part of a relationship and testing from the beginning how well the two of you do in these types of events can give you important information regarding the future of your possible relationship.

It can also be helpful to check how much attraction there is between you two and whether external influences can weaken it or strengthen it.

11. Get to Know Your Dating Partner Over Several Trips

In the first stage of the relationship, when the two of you are still living in different cities or countries, you can start your romance by organizing more than one trip and using the internet to interact with each other in between.

This creates the perfect combination between the stability of a relationship and the memorable experiences that fuel every love story.

MyTravelGirls allows you to both find a date who is interesting in traveling but also in keeping in chat with her or him via chat or private messaging between trips.

You can meet an interesting person online, have the first set of interactions via chat, meet for a first 2-day trip, then go back to chatting and then meet for a longer trip.

This way the relationship will build gradually and smoothly and by the time you’ll decide to start living in the same place, you will already have a very good level of understanding, intimacy, and cooperativeness.

12. Add Life Experiences That Will Remain With You No Matter What

When dating a person traditionally, a date is seen as a success only if it develops into something more.

If things don’t end up in a relationship or at least romance, the date is usually seen as a failure.

This isn’t necessarily the case with travel dating.

Every trip we take allows us to experience new places, live new adventures, know new cultures, make new friends and see the world with different eyes.

Your data may not always go as you planned but that holiday will remain with you forever.

13. Combine Dating and a Break the Stress of Your Daily Life


Dating traditionally means that we often have to make our meetings with our partner fit with our busy schedules.

This means that even while dating, we may not fully enjoy that experience because of all the stress of the day and the pressure of future appointments.

Travel dating allows you to take a break from the stress of everyday life while you date and get to know a new person in a relaxed and peaceful environment.

In layman’s terms, you are getting two for the price of one!

14. Get an Idea of How a Long-Term Relationship with Your Dating Partner Will Be Like

While traditional dating means that you will go out several times with one person before experiencing any “living together situation”, travel dating allows you to get an insight of what it is like to share a living situation with that person.

Whether this comes in the form of sharing a hotel room or spending a full day together, you will realize very fast if between the two of you there is good behavioral compatibility and not just basic attraction for each other.

This is very important information to obtain at the beginning of a relationship.

There are situations in which two people have a very strong physical and romantic infatuation for each other, but their personalities don’t really allow them to share a living space effectively.

In this case, a trip will allow you to make the best of the romance without necessarily committing to a more serious and long-term relationship.

This means that even while dating, we may not fully enjoy that experience because of all the stress of the day and the pressure of future appointments.

15. Combine Dating and a Break the Stress of Your Daily Life

Dating traditionally means that we often have to make our meetings with our partners fit with our busy schedules.

This means that even while dating, we may not fully enjoy that experience because of all the stress of the day and the pressure of future appointments.

Create Your MyTravelGirls Profile Today and Elevate Your Dating Life

Now that you better understand all the advantages of travel dating, you can create your account and profile on MyTravelGirls and start browsing the platform for interesting dating partners to share amazing romantic experiences and unforgettable trips.

Whether the trip will turn into a full-blown relationship or will end up buying only a shorter fling, you will have collected memorable moments to look back to cheerfully.

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